The Ranting Inkblot -- Loaning DVDs

Let's just say this is more a need to get something off my chest than anything else.

It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that, being a big-time animation fanatic, most of my DVDs are cartoons. And yes, when I can afford it, I prefer to get the Special Edition DVDs, mostly because I love to watch the behind-the-scenes videos, listen to commentary, and learn more about the history of the cartoon I'm watching.

So my aunt and uncle adopted a young girl from China last year, and in an act of generosity, I offered to loan them my Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection (after all, what better to watch when learning English than a cartoon that doesn't rely on dialogue).

I didn't mind how long they had the DVD (they had it for close to a year), but I was happy to get it back today. After stopping by their house, I went out with a friend to the movies and went home to watch my newly reacquired DVDs... only to see that they looked like someone had played five rounds of frisbee with them! Scratches, fingerprints, the works.

I know I'm going to come off as pretty materialistic here, but I was near tears at the sight of this. I can't afford to buy DVDs right now, and one of my favorite collections (not to mention a set that I need to watch for an upcoming column) looked like someone had been using all five discs for hockey pucks!

So now after multiple applications of Brasso, I'm watching all 5 DVDs, one cartoon at a time, to see just how extensive the damage is. I'm about 2/3rds through the first disc, and there are already 2 shorts that I won't be seeing again.

So what's the point of me posting this? Well, my father always taught me that education comes at a price, no matter what. And I certainly got my education this time.

Lesson learned: when loaning DVDs, don't loan to families with 4-year old children.

Oh, and PS: Keep your eyes open for that upcoming column I mentioned!

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